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Create a Datagroup with URI:VIP:POOL relationship




I need to create a datagroup with the relation in object (URI:VIP:POOL), this could help me to implement a dynamic iRule that, based on the HTTP REQUEST, redirects the traffic to a specific pool.


This is the starting point of the iRule:


when HTTP_REQUEST {   switch -glob [string tolower [HTTP::uri]] { "/def/ghi/account*" { pool servers_8100 } "/def/ghi/customer*" { pool servers_8200 } "/def/ghi/equipment*" { pool servers_8300 } "/def/ghi/order*" { pool servers_8400 } "/def/ghi/statement*" { pool servers_8500 } "/def/ghi/payment*" { pool servers_8600 } "/def/ghi/financials*" { pool servers_8700 } default { pool servers_default_pool } } }


Could you recommend to me a way for implementing both the datagroup and the iRule ?


Thanks in advance,



Community Manager
Community Manager

HI Matteo, are you wanting to really redirect, or just to select the the appropriate pool? Can you give a sanitized example of the data-group goal, and how the client connects before/after the decision?

The function/goal of the DG is to provide a correlation between URI:VIP:POOL, in this way I can direct two equals URI to different VIP dinamically, this is a common scenario in my production environment.

The idea is that clients point to a specific VIP, based on URI the iRule invokes the DG (URI:VIP:POOL) and directs the traffic properly.


I'm not able to provide you an example because I haven't try to do something like that.


Do you have a suggestion about the iRule composition and the DG key:value parameters?



Any news about?

May be something like this, not tested,


ltm rule /Common/VIP_URI_POOL_RULE { when HTTP_REQUEST { set httpuri [string tolower [HTTP::uri]] set uri_pool [class match -value $httpuri contains VIP_URI_POOL_DGL] if { $uri_pool ne "" } { if { [active_members $uri_pool ] > 0 } { pool $uri_pool } else { pool servers_fallback_pool } } else { pool servers_default_pool } }

Data Group:


ltm data-group internal VIP_URI_POOL_DGL { records { "/def/ghi/account*" { data servers_8100 } "/def/ghi/customer*" { data servers_8200 } "/def/ghi/equipment*" { data servers_8300 } "/def/ghi/order*" { data servers_8400 } "/def/ghi/statement*" { data servers_8500 } "/def/ghi/payment*" { data servers_8600 } "/def/ghi/financials*" { data servers_8700 } type string } }