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Config syncing 2 F5 in Azure


I have two F5 operating in a load balancer sandwich topology in Azure. I recall seeing an guide which detailed how to get config sync operating between two LTM. This is one of several HA topologies. Can someone please direct me to this guide?



Please check below articles if it helps you to understand it.



Thank you yes. That does give me good information. The actual document i was looking for is this one:


Which leads to a question. If i have two F5 operating in a load balancer sandwich, they will each have a set of virtuals which they present. However the IP address of each virtual will differ on each F5. Am i able to sync config whilst still retaining these unique per-virtual IP addresses?


Further to a suggestion by another member; i tried setting my Virtual to use two destination IP addresses. I used an address list for this. However, the virtual uses an ASM policy and the F5 complains that an address list cannot be used.