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Cisco Umbrella client with APM client works after upgrade with DNS proxy enabled


We are working with an end user which uses both Cisco Umbrella and Big IP APM client components web browser to establish VPN.  WE are aware about the fact that there are some limitations as decribed here:

Strangely enough after upgrading the client components the client suddenly starts working, has there something been improved in the client which now works fine with Cisco Umbrella client.

The installed software components before (when it was not working) and after are displayed in attachment. The only thing that changed is the Big-IP Components Installed and Big IP Edge Client version, but the Edge client components are still of the same version. How come that the DNS proxy is now not having issues anymore?

Client only has Components Installer Service and DNS Relay Proxy Service active.



F5 Employee
F5 Employee

While your Edge Client Components are the same, the Edge Client executable versions are 17 releases apart. I see that you're currently running 7.2.2 and the previous version was 7.1.8. 

A K article describing the issue was first published back in July of 2022: The article references a potential workaround here:

I don't see specific information that indicates why your issues are alleviated. Is it possible that you performed updates to the Umbrella client as well? If not, checking the release notes on the intermin Edge Client releases might hold a clue. For examplel, had several updates surrounding DNS:

Hi Rob, ok thanks is this Big IP Edge client still used despite the fact that the client only uses web components and not the Big IP Edge client?

In other words are these two packaged dependent on eachother for proper funcioning of the DNS relay proxy?

I do not have an understanding of the APM client architecture at that level. Your best bet would be to open a support ticket. I am glad that your issue is no longer impacting!