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Can I load balance multiple subdomain URLs?


Hey everyone, I know basics on my iRule creation but am wondering if it's possible to load balance multiple URLs from the same subdomain.  I am currently load balancing with no problem.  I am also now wanting to load balance sure if I am searching with the correct syntax or what I am trying to do is feasible.  Currently running BIG-IP v15.1.5.1.

Thanks in advance.




Hi @cmeyer,

are you looking for Content Switching / URL based load balancing? In that case, this iRule should be a starting point: 

    switch -glob -- [string tolower [HTTP::path]] {
        "/path1*" {
            pool pool_app1
        "/path2*" {
            pool pool_app2
        default {
            pool pool_default

 Is this helpful for you?


@Daniel_Wolf In this case my pools would stay the same.  I am utilizing the same servers in each case.  Not sure if that matters.

If you have loadbalancing for, loadbalancing will also work for,, or anything else - since they are served by the same pool of servers as In this scenario, there is no need for an additional iRule.
Unless... I didn't get your setup right 🙂

I think I understand.  I would specify the same pool in the rule and define "path1" and "path2".  There is currently no iRule in place since we were balancing just the single page.  I will give that a try.  Thanks for the help!

Even less complicated. You don't have to specify the paths anywhere.

You have a virtual IP address configured on the BIG-IP, DNS resolves a FQDN to this IP address. The BIG-IP will accept any request from the client to the virtual IP and load balance the request to servers in the pool.
In this scenario there is no need to further specify the path. The servers in the pool will serve them anyway.