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BIG-IQ 7.1.0 on AWS - MCPD issues


I have previously been running BIG-IQ v6 in AWS without issues. Last week I deployed BIG-IQ v7.1.0 however I keep having the following issue; after I reboot the instance, the mcpd service is reported as not running or keeps restarting. WebGUI does not even load, and SSH sometimes returns a slow/unresponsive tmsh session, and other times errors out and closes the session.


Steps to re-create:

  • Deploy BIG-IQ v7.1.0 from the AWS Market place
  • Allocate Elastic IP, Start Instance and Add a Trial License
  • Add a new device (BIG-IP running
  • Deploy AS3 declarations to the BIG-IP
  • Delete the AS3 declared applications (through AS3)
  • Shutdown the instance from tmsh
  • Start the instance

Issues Observed:

  • The Web GUI does not load
  • Attempts to SSH to the BIG-IQ return an error : cfg exception: (The connection to mcpd has been lost, try again.)
  • Viewing the system log from AWS Console shows multiple entries of 'Starting Retrieve public keys for ssh(aws-init): runsvstat: warning: /service/restnoded: runsv not running. runsvstat: warning: /service/restnoded: runsv not running.



I would like to know :

  • Is this a known issue? Is there a known cause? I could not find any KB articles that relate to this.
  • How can one recover the BIG-IQ since neither GUI nor SSH are operational?