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HSSR maxtime

Hi -I'm writing an iRule using the HSSR HTTP client and am specifying the -maxtime argument. It looks like there are a couple of issues in how maxclock is computed.The 'maxtime' argument is specified in seconds as is 'wait', but 'timeout' is in milli...

danA by Nimbostratus
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Resolved! api token timeout change

Hi I need your help ~  I checked below url but does not work,,  refer : I entered the https://ipaddress/mgmt/shared/authz/tokens/<token vlaue> error occurred    please let me know if you know that    than...


AS3 declarative for parent profile for tcp-wan-optimized

Hi,I am trying to create a declarative for a parent TCP profile. However, unable to find anywhere to setup tcp-wan-optimized as parent profile. Can anyone please confirm if this is feasible? If not, what alternatives are available?Have tried to creat...

Hyder by Nimbostratus
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Need help with iRule

Hello,We have an existing application which is configured with F5.When we open the page and click on status tab it will route to Now the users want to see contents of in a new URL...

gopalp by Nimbostratus
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Problems with CSS and JS with Docker

Hi! I'm having some problems deploying a dynamic website via Docker with Nginx. It seems that everything in my configuration is okay because it deploys correctly but my website does not apply my CSS or JS files. Also, i have to say that the images i ...

PabloeMe by Nimbostratus
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Resolved! F5 packet buffer

Hello,Is there any setting that allows the proxy to do packet bufferWait for the proxy to accumulate a certain amount of packets before sending them to the destinationBecause it is a cross-sea connection, it will take more time if small packets keep ...

Resolved! Unique Identifier for irules Http response

With code for an irule below is there a way I can set a unique identifier for the data coming back. I ask because when the logs are ingested into Splunk we would like to know which header came with which request,  but each response header is on a dif...

richarc by Nimbostratus
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how to check node uptime based on health monitor

Hi,i need to check the uptime of the node based in health monitor.For example, one node have 03 health monitor associate and i need check the uptime for one specific health monitor.Exists an a GUI option or cli command for check this. Thanks

Juanprad by Nimbostratus
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SAP NetWeaver on F5 LTM issue

Hi Team,Please I have an issue with deplying SAP NetWeaver on F5 LTM I have added the pool members and VS however when I try to access the VS I keep getting the login screen for each page after login however without using F5 ltm and using  the origin...

tmahmoud by Nimbostratus
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Redirect https to 8040

Hello,I'm trying to publish new url, which is in port 8040, I want to publish it in 443, so the scenario as below.when the user want to access the url, must be in 443, then, from DMZ F5 to the internal server should be in port 8040, i...

F5 GTM txt record validation

Folks,Can you please guide me how we can add a txt record in GTM for domain verification. I have a requirement to purchase an SSL certificate for a domain hosted in GTM where CA wants to verify the domain by adding a txt record.Please help. 

About IPsec Interface

Hello,When I was building IPsec Interface  I found that I could not select the option I wanted...But I've obviously put this option up ....Why can't I select it in " Tunnels : Profiles : IPsec Interface" ?Any help is appreciate....

young19918_0-1684393714173.png young19918_1-1684394021967.png

Automated Linters on F5

Hi We are currently uplifting our jenkins pipeline for F5 and there is a requirement for static analysis on the code. Since TCL scripts are not supported by default on Sonar. I am looking for automated linters which can perform the static analysis. C...

aditi_b by Nimbostratus
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Cisco ISE Persist irule

Good Day,iRule “radius_callingid_persist_irule” is referenced in the Cisco’s How To: Cisco & F5 Deployment Guide: ISE Load Balancing Using BIG-IP.

Resolved! F5 Send email and snmp trap from LTM log event

Hello Guys,I would like to send email and snmp trap with ltm log event "HA Connection with peer %la:%d for traffic-group %s lost". I tried to set custom alert on /config/user_alert.conf and try to trig the event with the logger command but nothing oc...

big-IQ custom role-type for web application firewall

Dear all,We want to allow our users to review, modify and deploy their web application firewall policy on the big-IQ.The default roles do not allow for this; because they also allow the users to create and delete policy's.I think this can be done by ...

Mollusk7796_0-1684325570854.png Mollusk7796_1-1684325652267.png

REST API access right

Hi all,We're running F5 LTM (version 14.1.4.x) and sorry for any newbie question.We're trying to perform some tasks through REST API to the LTM:1. Check system status, e.g.curl -ks -H "Content-Type: application/json" -u admin:admin "https://192.168.1...

sysAdm by Altostratus
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About IPsec setting with PaloAlto

Hello,I am trying to set up Site to Site VPN between F5 and PA but can't get it to work.Here is my structure :Here is my PA setting :Here is my F5 setting :Virtual Server has created a Forwaring IPAm I missing something?or is the setting wrong?Any he...

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CLIENT_HELLO SSL TLS version insert

CLIENT_HELLO SSL/TLS version insertHELLO,I want to insert the SSLv3, TLSv1, TLSv1.1 version in the HTTP headerThe name of the HTTP header is "version"I must use irulewhen CLIENTSSL_CLIENTHELLO {set version [SSL::cipher version]}when HTTP_REQUEST {if ...

JO_JO by Nimbostratus
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Can't import iapp -f5 analytics

I'm trying to upload f5 analystics, i get the error - "Configuration error: /Common/f5.iapp.1.5.6.cli:iapp_pagedata_table is used by another script. Cannot rename or delete. Unexpected Error: Loading configuration process failed."Any ideas? Thanks, 

AWS WAF Rule F5-OWASP_Managed custom response

Hi!We are using AWS WAF managed rule 'F5-OWASP_Managed'. I would like to create a WAF custom response when requests are blocked by this rule. To do so I need to change the rule from block to count, and capture labels assigned by this rule in a WAF cu...

grisu by Nimbostratus
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F5 ASM - current blocking report

Hello everyone, I am currently looking to see if there is any way to find out how much blocking each individual security policy has in place. I have not seen any reports I can run that would show the amount of blocking a policy currently has in place...

rsk22 by Nimbostratus
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