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Clarification needed

Just to make sure. When I call: ITCMLocalLB.Pool.set_disallow_snat with a parameter of ITCMLocalLB.EnabledState.STATE_DISABLED that means 'snat disabled' is not present, correct?

SOAP::Lite expertise needed.

I want to get access to the ITCMCommon.OperationFailed parameters (primary_error_code,   secondary_error_code and error_string), but, not being much of a SOAP expert, I can't see   where the error gets encapsulated. E.g. the examples code shows:  ...

Inconsistency in API?

This is mostly a nitpick, feel free to ignore.     The ITCMLocalLB.VirtualServer.delete_virtual_server call   takes a ITCMCommon.IPPortDefinitionSequence, rather then   ITCMCommon.IPPortDefinition. Not sure why this is, although as   a convenie...

Error codes?

Where can I find the definitions of the error codes that the API can return?     I want to e.g. make sensible decisions when a call returns 'item not found'   when I do a get_list call of some sort.

ACL on iControl interfaces.

Hi,     I am an application developer, trying to create remote requests to update BIG-IP. Recently, I realize that iControl requires a full read and write access priviledged account access to BIG-IP v4.2. My IT management values the benefits of ...

WSDL compiling warnings.

Hi,     I wsdl utility found in Visual Studio .NET 2003 to compile the wsdl files found in iControl WSDL v4.5. During the course of the compilation into either C or VB .NET languages, there are several warnings depicted below. Could someone plea...