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Has anyone used python with iControl? I personally prefer python to perl and dont have a handle on java yet. If anyone has, I would love to see a simple code snippet.     Thanks.     Lenny Brown

POOL_VS enable after manual resume disables.

I have my 3dns set to manual resume when it detects a failure on a virtual server. When the VS comes back up I would like to enable it via a perl script. Unfortunately, the enable_virtual_server() in BaseServer will not enable it. I get no errors,...


Am I allowed to set the failover status to 'active' on a 'standby' box. Or   can only the active unit mark itself standby?

Reset all statistics?

Is there a way to reset all statictics on the F5, or do I need to go through   the various defined entities to reset each and every one?     From perusing the API, that seems to be the only choice right now?     Thanks.

I Control Software

Dear All,     I am newbie in I-Control Forum. I don't have any development background . I would like to use I-COntrol software to monitor some exisiting WebLogic application via BigIP.     I tried to configure I-Control by config command. I cho...

modify the LocalLBNode script???

I've got the working, but I'd like it to do more. Can anyone help with an "IF like" statement? What I'm wanting is basically this:   If node is enabled, then disable   If node is disabled, then enable     And how can I run this ...

Need a script

Let me preface by saying I'm no developer. What I need is a way to bring the a node off line prior to running a batch job that stops the service on that node. Is there a script that can pull a node offline and bring it back online 4-5 minutes later...

set_node vs set_availability

What is the difference between the iControl set_node and set_availability commands?     I assume that one of them is designed to quiesce a node, while the other is a hard stop. is this so? which is which?

IT Traffic Management via Smartphone

Hi,     With the rollout of smartphones in the market, I simply repackage an application I wrote for Pocket PC 2002 several months ago to the smartphone. It's easy to say that the portability is extremely high, :lol:.     Below is a link to a...

CPU utilization and kernel memory utilization

Can I get my hands on those using iControl? This is for a BigIP running   4.2 at the moment. Hope to go to 4.5 RSN.     The information in ITCMLocalLB.Global.get_statistics   (GLOBAL_STATISTIC_MEM_POOL_TOTAL and GLOBAL_STATISTIC_MEM_POOL_USED )...

Help,about Load balance mode

I used Alteon before, and always load balance my webserver with Weighted Least Connection mode(WLC),because my webserver have diffrent capacities,this mode is fit for my web.     I use Least Connection(member) mode now at BigIP, and I specified va...

get_statistics ITCMLocalLB.Global.GlobalStatistic

Hi,     We'd like to use iControl to monitor (and later graph)   'GLOBAL_STATISTIC_CURRENT_CONNECTIONS'     I have the working script but cannot seem to get this   type and value returned correctly on its own from the get_st...

Threshold for minimum number of nodes in a pool

We would like to define a threshold for the minumum number of nodes in a pool when a pool is created. This threshold would be used by external monitoring to generate alerts when the number of active nodes falls below the threshold. Is there a way t...

security of the script

According to the sample source code of Ictrol,if want to disable a node,we have to write the password,like this:     [wzl@ra3 LocalLB]$ perl 443 admin 123456   Node state set to: Disabled     Any better s...

Problem with get_all_virtual_server_statistics

I'm writing a little program taht retrieve statiscis information from the BigIp and stores it in a database in order to generate graphics of traffic and number of connections. I have no problem retrieving statistics of the pools and the node servers,...

Exception when calling node.get_list()

ello,     I just downloaded the iControl SDK and am playing with the included C samples. In the DistributionMonitor example app I am able to add my BIG-IP & 3DNS boxes to the app as well as monitor traffic. However, when attempting to modify a sel...

SMTP Load Balancing

Folks,     We are going to be using F5 to load-balance picture messaging (aka MMS) for wireless telcoms operators. Using F5 to load balance the HTTP/WAP traffic is straight forward enough, but SMTP is going to be tricky (with SMTP we will have to...

Using iControl with Health Monitors

Hi,     I have been using BIGIPs at our company for several of our customers for a couple of years.     I have written custom monitors using perl before testing appilication availability using simple curl commands. Whilst this has worked previo...

FirePass Questions

What are the power requirements for the FirePass 4000 chassis?? I scoured the included documentation to no avail.   :?

A little question

Would it be possible to assign the bandwidth to a pool using iControl?. Does anyone have an idea to do that?     Thanks:     Miguel