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F5 DNS Rest API Postman collections

Hello! I was curious if anybody has or can point me to where I can find F5 DNS Rest API postman collection/folder. I was wanting to build the initial setup of F5 DNS on VE's. I have been doing this with "tmsh" but wanted to see if Rest API was more e...

iRule for URL redirect

Hello, Can someone please help me with an iRule for URL redirection. Source URL -{C2827ADC-C4B5-4B62-9024-C7848E7CAF5F}Target redirect URL -

F5 VE instances in Azure

Hi,We are planning to put F5 instances (2 for HA) in Azure from market place.Please share the best practice approach to implement F5 instances in Azure from market place & initial F5 configuration to bring F5 appliances in production.

Preet_pk by Nimbostratus
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F5 VE instance deployment in Azure (BYOD vs PAYG)

Hi,As part of new deployment - we are planning to go with new F5 instances in Azure. Please let me know which is the best approach to take F5 VE instances from Azure - BYOD or PAYG? Also please share what all the features provided in BYOD & PAYG?

Preet_pk by Nimbostratus
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F5 BiG-IP Active - Active HA instances in Azure

Hi,We are planning to building new F5 instances in Azure. Plan is to provision 2 F5 VE instances in Azure. Please let me will it be a best approach to go with Active - Active F5 HA or Active - Passive F5 HA in cloud.  

Preet_pk by Nimbostratus
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F5 BIG-IP VE new instances in Azure cloud

Hi,We are planning to building bew infra in Azure - with two F5 VE in HA. Plan is to tkae F5 instances as PAYG.Below are the modules which we are planning to use for new F5 instances - LTM, APM & Adv WAF.Please let me know which Virtual Edition is re...

Preet_pk by Nimbostratus
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Load Balance LDAPS

Hi,So I have followed this document, Load balancing LDAPS on BIG-IP systems (, and before trying the LDAPS part thought I would just ry with 393 first.  That works fine.However following the first part of the document with just passthrough for...

RobL216 by Nimbostratus
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issue in uolpad files to the server through LTM

Dear All, I hope you doing well all, we have a service that requests upload files.when running it and access to the server directly and trying to upload files, it worked fine.but when assigning the server to the F5 virtual server, can't upload the fi...

msh-09 by Nimbostratus
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F5 LTM Load Balancing from web to App servers

HI AllI have F5 BIG-IP which load balances the trafic that destined to my web servers from external and my webservers internally communicate with the Application server and what i want is to load balance this traffic initiated from web servers to app...

starboy by Altostratus
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iRule cookie persistence and pool redirect

Hi all, base on the on below setup...When Pool A/NodeA1 goes down, we expect URI /beta/ requests to be sent to Pool B, as nodeA2 can't accept URI /beta/ requests.However, when Pool A/NodeA1 goes down, we see the LTM sending URI /beta/ requests to Poo...

Neo_Ph by Nimbostratus
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Resolved! i-rule header insert - APM

Hi,I built this irule.when HTTP_REQUEST {#HTTP::header replace "Host" "x.x.x.x"}when ACCESS_ACL_ALLOWED {HTTP::header insert "username" "user name value"HTTP::header insert "userpass" "password value"I want to change the user name value and the passw...

Resolved! NSX-T and F5 HA using BGP

Hi All,I am working on a lab to get F5 LTM VE high availability pair working with NSX-T T0 router using BGPThe routing domain all works find, I am able to establish the BGP neighborship and I see the T0 routes, and the T0 sees my routes.What I am try...

FFive by Altocumulus
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Repo for Azure VMSS deployment

Hello,For a deployment of an autoscaling (F5 Advanced WAF) model in Azure, I'm searching an ARM template which will fit some requirements.Which existing ARM template can be used in order to create a custom one with the below characteristics:Advanced ...

fatih-t by Nimbostratus
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IPv6 Global Unicast Configuration

Hi,I must to configure an IPv6 Global Unicast on the selfIP. From F5 support (, this must be done entering the IPv6 netmask in hexadecimal notation... can someone tell me how to translate a simple /64 prefix ...

romolo82 by Altocumulus
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Safe RDP connection

Hi all! I apologize if I am writing a question in the wrong section! I need your advice! I am using RDP connection, I wanted to know if there are any tools to make the connection safe?

Bell by Nimbostratus
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F5 1500 version 9.3 cant reset do default help

Hi I am having trouble with resetting F5 to default conf ( I am connected via console )In KB 7550 its written to use : init 1 sys reset reboot but when I do that I am getting this : Are you sure you want to continue?(you must type 'yes' to continue)y...

miodas by Altostratus
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New i2800 to Cisco 93180YC-FX3 Twinax

I've seen older post and I've used these before but cannot get them working now. Does anyone know if you can still use the Cisco Twinax cables (SFP-H10GB-CU3M)? My F5 is showing the following:Net::InterfaceName Status Bits Bits Pkts Pkts Drops Errs M...

Resolved! STREAM::expression doesn't seem to work

We've created an iRule that is supposed to change any occurance of the host to in the payload of the response. We've added some logging steps to confirm that the STREAM::expression doesn't seem to be making the change.  Here...

r5600 hostname

I have a pair of r5600 appliance running F5OS.  I went through the initial configuration and set the hostname to let say ABCD and the admin CLI prompt was set correctly to ABCD.  But when I logged into the device as root, the  linux hostname didn't c...

JohnL by Nimbostratus
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F5 LTM "configuration utility restarting" error

F5 LTM "configuration utility restarting" error in UI after launching the URL. No upgrade was performed. its lab test environment has a version is BIG-IP 11.6.3 Build 0.0.3 Final. License information looks ok.I tried restarting all services and durin...

iRule route traffic based on URI

Hi,  I've searched and used some irules trying to route browser connections based on the URI.  The problem I'm running into is there are many web instances on one host.  And the instances listen on multiple ports.So simple enough: ltm rule /Common/fu...

Pull information from Active Directory - by iRule

Hi,As part of SSO solution, I would like to pull information (username and password) from Active Directory - by iRule. The APM integrated with Active directory.Currently the username and password are hardcodede , see attached current iRule : I wish t...

WhatsApp Image 2022-05-19 at 3.21.09 PM.jpeg
Liat by Nimbostratus
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F5 partner lab issue

Hi Experts,i have builded F5 partner lab in Vmware workstation pro 15.i have followed all the steps in that setup guide but still pool members showing down. while taking tcpdump getting below error.bigipA:Active:Standalone] config # tcpdump -ni 0.0 h...

rkram_p_0-1652957468193.png rkram_p_1-1652957526143.png rkram_p_2-1652957575591.png rkram_p_3-1652957681506.png
rkram_p by Nimbostratus
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F5 ASM Log Forwarding

I created a log forwarding profile where its pointing at the graylog box on port 514 (udp) and set up the format, etc and then applied it to the virtual server but I don't see anything coming into the syslog server. I have restart the syslog on the b...

Migration P2V version 14.1 on both sides

Hi All,I'm looking forward to migrate a bunch of VS to the virtual Big-IP.The destination platform is in prod with several services already and common partition only.The source platform has 3 dedicated partitions.The plan is:1. Migrate partitions to ...

Ritor64 by Nimbostratus
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Resolved! Nodes forwarding

Hi everybody, I have an issue with a request of my customer. The request is the following:- An IP source goes towards a VS on the LB with, this IP balances to nodes and Then, incoming packets shoul...

romolo82 by Altocumulus
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TAP service on BIG IP LTM

Hi Guys, its been  a while since I've been working wiht big ip so looking forward to start it now again. Lately I was asked if there is an option of TAPing decrypted traffic on the big ip and mirroring it to the separate interface of the BIGIP from w...

Cieciak by Nimbostratus
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