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APM Portal Access and Video Streaming


A new APM portal access definition requested by clients and the target service is kind of a video portal. APM perfectly rewrites all links on responses. But, the links belongs to video stream comes with xml notation and APM did not touch them. Since the destination has not rewritten the clients tries to reach those targets in their local environments.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
				<manifest xmlns="">
					<media url="mp4:content/data/4/274/0_hizw01qh_0_cbh86p7c_1.mp4" bitrate="704" width="624" height="352"/>

I'm not sure about the rtmp protocol is supported by APM or not. May be, it does not support the protocols other than Http/Https and this might be the reason why APM don't rewrite that links. Just may be. Or, i missed some points ? 

If that link could rewrite to point APM virtual server i think browsers can reach the video stream and play it. I use standart portal access definiton.

Does anyone have any idea ? Does APM supports RTMP over HTTP ?




For the records. I've applied a workaround solution and it partially solved this issue. Long story short: No, APM neither supports rewriting RTMP links nor RTMP protocol itself.