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APM How to keep sync Access Sessions on a Table



I'm trying to deploy a connection filter logic for logged users on APM policy. Let me introduce my setup.

  • There are two virtual servers and one of them have APM policy. Lets say this is first virtual server.
  • The other virtual server has no APM policy and it should remain accessible only for users which are logged with APM policy in the first virtual server. It is a performance L4 virtual server and non-http traffic passing-thru over on it. Lets call this one is "second" virtual server.


I'd like to allow people to connect second virtual server, if they have logged in successfully with first virtual server. On first virtual server's successful branch, i collect and store the source IP addresses in a table and using that table to check incoming requests on second virtual server. This part is working and i can safely allow or deny incoming connection requests that matches on table.


But session close event causes to session leaks. Because, when an APM session closed by any reason, system fires up "ACCESS_SESSION_CLOSED" events and looks like this event doesn't allow to use "table" related commands such as "table delete".


How can i keep records sync between table and APM sessions ? I mean, i want to be able to delete related table record when a session removed on APM. But how ?





Is that possible to track APM sessions with an iCall (periodic) script and keep them up to date in a table ?