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APM Capcha based on source IP




i have a requirement to show captcha on APM login based on the source IP of the clint. i am using the built in captcha on the APM.

is there a simple way to do it?


i thought about moving the login page to a macro block and have 2 login pages one with captcha and the other without captcha, however the logon page is customized is there a way to clone and move the logon page to the macro block saving all the page design and customizations ?





Hi Dor,


you can use the Endpoint Security (Server-Side) >> IP Subnet Match VPE object for matching Source IPs and deciding with which Login Page / Macro you continue with in your policy.


As for migrating VPE objects to macros... I favor doing it manually, there is no clone or copy & paste button for migrating them to macros.



can we clone / copy by modifying the files on the filesystem ?

You could export the APM policy, unpack it and try to make some sense of the unpacked folders and files. Then modify and import again. But that might be just as time consuming as recreating the Logon Page in a Macro.