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analytics pool-traffic scheduled-report


anybody use analytics pool-traffic scheduled-report.   I trying to find a way to send  a customer an report on their pool and traffic to the individual backend servers.

I know I can do a report for traffic to the VIP.


Hi @sgnormo , 
There is no way for that , you can generate only a traffic report for Virtual servers by using AVR license. 

I do not find any addons if you get Traffic report for Pools or pool members as all virtual servers traffic should be transferred across your pools. 
I want to say there is no difference between Virtual server and pool traffic , it is the same

> you can Take a snapshots from your pool statistics to see bits in/out , Load balancing mechanisms and ...etc.

so that 
( Virtual serevr traffic report + pool Statistics ) should be enough to meet his needs 


Mohamed Kansoh

Hi @sgnormo ,


Please try the following commands from CLI:


show analytics pool-traffic report view-by pool-address

show analytics pool-traffic report view-by pool-address drilldown { {
entity pool-name values { pool_name } } }

send-mail analytics pool-traffic report view-by pool-address measures {
server-bits-out } limit 20 order-by { { measure server-bits-out sort-
type desc } } format pdf email-addresses { }


Note: AVR module is cpu intensive.

Please refer this Link


You can found following different reports in Analytics section in v 15.x and onwards, kindly go through them.