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ADFS Proxy- first time setup


Very new to ADFS and SAML especially with dealing with the F5. I have business case to add ADFS to one of my current setups. My organization has ADFS setup and i have a few questions for the community.


  1. Do i first connect and test the application with our current ADFS setup to make sure it can work?
  2. Once the ADFS has been tested and working, do i then try to do ADFS proxy withthe setup?
  3. or do i skip step 1 and just start with the ADFS proxy first and try to get that to work with the application?


I have seen a few online labs for ADFs proxy etc... but just wondering what the community thinks?


looking to have it setup like this:


User -> F5 (VIP with login portal) -> sends info to ADFS -> ADFS sends token to F5 -> traffic goes to VPN tunnel to actual portal -> accepts the ADFS token -> User is logged into the service.


trying to keep the initial traffic going down the tunnel first and getting redirected back to the F5 for authentication.