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Anyone who has children and travels by car will tell you that there is no substitute for the mandatory array of bathroom breaks that must be taken by those children. One of the many reasons I prefer to travel at0151T000003d50hQAA.png night when driving long distances is that children who are asleep are not asking to pull into the next rest stop for yet another restroom break. And I was one of those children. My father once told me I had the smallest bladder on the planet… Right before my mother made him stop at a gas station for me.

Another favorite is the “tourist trap” stop, where someone in the car with authority decides to stop, even though everyone over the age of 12 knows that the stop will be wasted on sites like “The World’s only three horned steer!” or “The ultimate hedge maze!” These may be things I’ve seen. May be.

When driving, these stops slow your drive to your destination and if someone was waiting for you, ultimately make you late, but since you are on a discrete vacation, this is not terribly bad. You get less time on-site, but in the end return home and get into your old routine.

This is completely not true with your data.

0151T000003d4HeQAI.png   0151T000003d4HfQAI.gif 0151T000003d8MMQAY.png

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