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Happy Friday folks! I’m happy to report in that so far this morning I’ve been reading up on the latest version of LTM (10.2.1) that just got released, while rocking out to some (probably too loud) tunes, of course.  The new version is a dot release, so it’s largely improvements and fixes, but there’s some very groovy stuff in there. Here are a couple good ones:

Application templates
This release includes one new application template and one upgraded application template. An application template corresponds to a particular application, such as email access, and provides a fast, efficient way to configure the BIG-IP® system to process the associated traffic. The new and upgraded application templates provided in this release are:

App templates are going to be huge. This is just the first taste, trust me there is a lot more coming on this, and it’s something to keep your eye on.  Right now they’re a quick way to get things configured for particular applications, but depending on how these unfold I could see it being a lot more, so we’ll see how that goes.

NEBS support
This release adds support for the new Network Equipment-Building System (NEBS) compliant version of the BIG-IP® 11050 platform, and a NEBS-compliant version of our latest high performance blade (PB200) for the VIPRION® platforms

NEBS compliance is a pretty big deal to some folks, so it’s definitely good to get the top end platforms in line with these requirements. 

There were also a few fixes put in that are nice to see, and a couple iRules changes near and dear to my heart as well:

TMM with iRules and CMP (ID 225747)
Enhancements have been made to the Traffic Management Microkernel (TMM) with respect to iRules and clustered multi-processing (CMP).

Log messages for pool member status changes (ID 324272)
Log messages for pool member status changes are no longer throttled, so that the system reports all pool member status changes.

Data get and respond iRule commands on CMP systems and tmm (ID 324335)
When using the ACCESS::session data get and ACCESS::respond combination in an iRule on systems with clustered multi-processing (CMP), the tmm service could have become unresponsive. This has been resolved.

As you can see, these are all good things. I know it’s not as sexy as saying “HOLY COW LOOK AT ALL THE AMAZING NEW FEATURES!” but hey, even maintenance releases need some love.  Go check out the release notes for complete info, and enjoy your Friday.



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