VMworld 2012 Europe - Strobel's Scribblings, Part III

More from Frank Strobel, live from VMworld 2012 in Barcelona.  Today, 16,000 feet and a tale of two booths...

At the end of another 10+ hour day at VMworld in Barcelona, my feet started hating me.  At least, they clearly express their displeasure about being used too much.  At the same time, however, there are 16,000 feet here interested in our story.  Countless of those feet found their way to our booth today.  And, speaking of booths, there are some that seem to be always full of attendees and some that are not so much.  Can you guess from the pictures which of those are F5's?

Many of the visitors to our booth asked about yesterday's VXLAN announcement and we were excited to share our plans with them.  In addition, Charlie Cano co-presented with Adina Simu from VMware in a repeat performance from VMworld in San Francisco. Their joint presentation, vCloud Networking: an Extensible and Open Platform, was a technical deep dive describing the wealth of offerings the vCloud Ecosystem Framework provides from known vendors in the virtual data center realm, with easy provisioning, flexible insertion points, and automated lifecycle. Here’s a photo of Charlie in action!

Last but not least, as I have shared with you in previous blog entries, F5's support for VMware View continues to grow.  The latest member of the family is the Branch Office Desktop solution that the View team announced at VMworld just yesterday.  Once more we asked Lori Mac Vittie to help us understand what F5 is doing and, more importantly, how this is beneficial to customers deploying remote and branch office desktops.  Please find Lori's latest blog entry here: Bye Bye Branch Office Blues

As we are wrapping up the business day in Barcelona, we are looking forward to tonight's party.  Although, my feet have already told me that dancing is out of the question.  No Flamenco for this VMworld attendee...


Published Oct 12, 2012
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