iRules Contest Winners!

Today the winners were announced for the "iRule, Do You?" contest! The contest was broken into two with Customers and Partners each getting the spotlight. Here's a breakdown of the winners:

Customer iRule Winners:

1st Place Grand Prize Winner
Jason Rahm - "non_local_redirect"
Written to address global persistence challenges associated with a thick client application, this iRule utilizes powerful array capabilities and cookies to ensure that client connections are always directed to the appropriate datacenter for the best user experience while overcoming database replication latency.

2nd Place Winner
Pete Watts - "SOAP HTTPS Handler"
To overcome a common challenge when terminating SSL for Web service calls, this iRule expertly overcomes embedded URL issues with SOAP requests by rewriting the requests as needed while also reducing load on SOAP servers. The result is easier ongoing maintenance with reduced development effort.

3rd Place Winner
Adam Kramer - "SOCKS 5 SSL Persistence"
This iRule addresses application persistence challenges associated with a proprietary service. By handling SOCKS and SSL protocol negotiation through binary rewrites, this iRule not only reduces server outages and increases customer satisfaction, it is a great example of the unique, far-reaching power of iRules and TMOS.

Partner iRules Winners:

1st Place Partner Winner
Branko Miskov / Borderware - "SMTP Threat Detection and Response"
To help large enterprises and service providers successfully address email virus challenges, Borderware has integrated their MXtreme product via iRules and iControl to provide enhanced threat detection. The result is a more scalable, easy-to-manage, integrated solution which dramatically reduces incoming traffic volume.

2nd Place Partner Winner
Thomas Laubrock / help AG - "SOAP HTTPS Handler"
In order to deal with browsers that can easily spoof client credentials, this iRule improves application security by providing SSL sign-on and session handling in addition to logging for later review.

3rd Place Partner Winner
JiaXin Di / Sinogrid - "Referrer Rule Map"
To reduce the amount of code required to ensure that referring client connections are valid, this iRule utilizes the “class” function to build groups of allowable referrers. The end result is an iRule that reduces server load while reducing custom development needed to support this requirement.

Congrats everyone!


Published Oct 31, 2005
Version 1.0

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