iRule Editor - Auto Connection

In the latest release of the iRule Editor v 0.10.1, I added several new features.  This tutorial will walk through the Auto Connection features I've added that allow you to supply command line arguments to have the iRule editor automatically connect to your specified BIG-IP.


 iRuler.exe [args] args 
/h hostname - the hostname (or ip) of your BIG-IP 
/u username - the admin username 
/p password - the admin password 

The following video will walk you through the steps to auto connect from the command line as well as how to create a desktop shortcut to each of your BIG-IP systems.


Published Jan 14, 2010
Version 1.0

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  • Running version iRuler.exe on Windows 10 and those options are not running correctly. I get an unmanaged exception from the application when i launch with /h /u and /p options.