iApp–Not just for apps

#devops #v11 #iapp Let’s spend some time talking about how iApp templates aren’t just for deploying and managing applications.


The value of iApp templates extends far beyond applications. Remember, a template is used to describe the user interface and how the system will act on information gathered from the user, so practically any service, operational task or application can be delivered through this method. For instance, BIG-IPs are commonly used to provide high availability, scalability or proxy services for mission critical network services, such as LDAP, Radius, DNS, Diameter and SIP. The configurations are all supported by F5-provided iApp templates allowing administrators to deploy, manage and monitor them, just as easily as an application.

F5-provided iApp templates have also been extended to regulatory standards such as NIST and ICSA. These iApp templates make it easy for users to configure and ensure compliance by setting logging, authentication policies, etc.

iApp templates are also very helpful to manage operational tasks. Jason Rahm posted an iApp template example for scheduling configuration backups. Michael Earnhart (PME – with mean ice cream making skills. Vodka-blueberry ice cream anyone?!?!?) wrote an article and example about how users could create an iApp template to build and manage their iRules! (More on that next post)

Pretty amazing technology.

But, what about you? What would you do in an iApp?

Published Oct 11, 2011
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