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Jan 26, 2023

You can do THAT with an APM policy?

Tell us in the comments about a neat thing you do with APM, or tag someone who you think has a story to share. 

I'll start by tagging Lucas_Thompson 

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  • Years ago (2015) I had a customer (hospital) that had webcams installed above the incubators of newborn babies. The video images were offered to people at home via an old MS ISA server so that they could see their child at home (via a login).
    That old ISA server needed to be decommissioned.

    The video images where presented via an iFrame in a static web page. So I took the ISA webserver configuration, modified it so it could run as hosted content on the BIG-IP and exposed it via APM.

    Every camera had an AD group assigned, so nurses could create a username and password per baby.

    Years later the hospital outsourced their IT, that company wanted to use Netscalers. But they were unable to migrate this configuration to their Netscalers. And this solution is still used today.

  • When we managed DevCentral servers ourselves back in the day, we were in a vmware hosted environment. We provisioned APM for traditional SSLVPN access to manage the web, database, file, mgmt, and directory servers, but since everything was fairly flat from a network perspective, we decided against the traditional benefits of a jumpbox for managing the BIG-IPs and used a policy forwarding trick combined with an iRule to gain access to the GUI/CLI/API endpoints directly from our team laptops. Not as cool as KeesvandenBos use case but it simplified things a lot for us.

    • Thank you Jason.
      I'm curious about your configuration. Heard of it but never built it.

  • I know that the length of replies is limited in this forum, so I better not start to write what is possible with APM... 😂

    Cheers, Kai

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      Go for it, Kai_Wilke! If it is over 20,000 characters, I'll start a new thread for you. 😁

      Who knows, maybe it turns into a new article so you get another byline in CrowdSRC Articles!

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        Still husteling on the "yet-still-secret" coding project. Ask your question again in a couple weeks... 😂  

        Cheers, Kai