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Dec 12, 2018

x-forward-for irule breaks http connections

Trying to retain the original IP address of the connection. Followed instructions in the below article but both options break http requests altogether.


When adding the iRule when HTTP_REQUEST { HTTP::header insert X-Forwarded-For [IP::remote_addr] }


The page does not load. We are using the fasthttp and I also tried to duplicate this while Enabling Insert X-Forwarded-For. WHen I do this HTTP work and the page loads but the server is not getting the IP originating address.


Any ideas?


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  • What type of virtual server are you configuring this on (e.g. standard, performance layer 4)? And what protocol (e.g. https)?


  • Can you send the config? Use the following to provide the necessary components:

    tmsh list ltm virtual virtualServerName

    tmsh list ltm rule iRuleName

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    There are some limitations for using iRule with header insert command and performance HTTP VIP


    "The HTTP Header Insert field of the Fast HTTP profile only supports insertion of a static text HTTP header. The Fast HTTP profile will not perform iRule variable expansion for the HTTP Header Insert field; this is considered an unnecessary performance hit for the Fast HTTP profile."