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Jun 27, 2023

wrong # of arguments"][table set monitor offline indef indef HTTP::respond 200 content "offline"]

hi expert

i want to deploy to monitor ccu based on thus article but when i created  vpn_ccu_monitor_irule  result error like this

what is that mean  (deploy refer this link

how to solve this



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  • Anzine321 Did you copy and paste the iRule because it seems that based on your spacing that you might have typed it out and missed something along the way.

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      the irule was solved, i just make seprate for HTTP::respond like below

      table set monitor online indef indef
      HTTP::respond 200 content "online" }

      i have done with this scenario but treshold occur but nothing happend or disable on node 

      how to check the ical i just created work or no because irule statistic execution 0


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        iCall is just a scheduler, it's pretty much a crontab job that will "survive" upgrades and reboots since it's coded into the configuration files. 

        Use tmsh show sys icall to display the runtime info, like this: 


        Sys::iCall::Periodic Handler: *****-scheduler
        Number of times handler signalled 15.4K
        Number of times handler ran 15.4K
        Creation time 06/16/23 16:38:15
        Current status active
        Time since last status change 06/16/23 16:38:15


        In the article you provided, it runs this command: exec perl /shared/scripts/

        - This files needs to exist, and as the article says it should have the execution permissions (chmod +x) 
        - You should try to run this script manually at least once, before attempting to schedule it. This way you'll see if it runs properly, or if it returns errors. 
        - One thing I noticed, the script calls for the #!/usr/bin/perl -w interpreter. 
        I know that the perl interpreter was moved to /bin/perl in more recent versions (run which perl to find it), as I've had to correct this syntax on multiple scripts I was using. 
        - I'm not sure if the script returns anything into output. It's a good idea to add some "echo $variable" commands during the debugging, to confirm everything works properly. 


  • Looks like there is also a perl script in play. As Paulius mentioned, your copy and paste isn't working.. all of the HTTP::respond should be on new lines. Also, in this example code, we are only setting table variables and responding with a status. BUT.. in testing you need to specify the correct path at the end -- for example.

    If you are over your skis here, I always suggest engaging professional services for complex iRules.


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      i have done this error on irule, 

      how to makesure ical work properly because i have tested and when treshold ccu occured but node still work