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Apr 27, 2012

workstation 8 - known issues??

Are there any known issues with the LTM VE adn worksation 8? I keep getting mcpd issues, daemons restarting. It works fine for a couple of days then it starts up.





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    Speaking from personal experience, I've been running BIG-IP Version 11.x under Workstation 8 on a Windows 7 laptop for about 6 months now, with absolutely zero issues.



    What version of BIG-IP are you on? And what are the specs of your machine? I have 16 gigs in this thing and there are no resource contentions.
  • One particluar issue is after I restore the ucs, it will work fine for a bit. As soon as I touch network adapaters to add an interface, I lose 1.2 on the ltm. The config will not load because it states that it cannot find interface 1.2. When I run the command "tmsh show /net interface", the LTM definitely does not even show a 1.2 interface. How can I fix this?



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