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Jan 12, 2015



I am trying to use the:

In the article the monitor for gtm is detailed as:

monitor "smb_external_monitor" {
   defaults from "external"
   interval 10
   timeout 40
   probe_interval 1
   probe_timeout 5
   probe_num_probes 1
   probe_num_successes 1
   dest *:*
   "SEARCH_STRING" "got it"
   "DEBUG" "1"
   run "smb_monitor.bash"
   "USERNAME" "aaron"
   "FILE" "/share/test.txt"
   args ""
   "PASSWORD" "Test123!"
   partition "Common"

My monitor is 11.5.1 so the tmsh syntax is a little different:

gtm monitor external /Common/smb_external_monitor {
defaults-from /Common/external
destination *:*
interval 30
probe-timeout 5
run /Common/smb_monitor.bash
timeout 120
user-defined DEBUG 1
user-defined FILE /F5GTM/F5GTMTST.txt
user-defined PASSWORD ******
user-defined SEARCH_STRING up
user-defined USERNAME f5gtm

I have also tried manually setting the debug to 1 in the script as suggested.

I get nothing in /var/log/ltm and the monitor is failing.

Any ideas?