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Apr 08, 2011

Windows antivirus checker not working well on Win7

I'm trying to implement the Windows antivirus checker. In the past I've simply used a process check but I'm changing my ways. Anyhow, I've built a pre-logon inspection


that calls the aforementioned inspector and sadly I'm only getting the following variables set on login:




%session.av.summary.count%= ' 0 '

%session.av.summary.monitor%= ' 0 '




I'm getting the above from a Windows 7 Ultimate (64 bit) using IE 8 (running in 32 bit mode) and running Avast! pro version 6.


I also tried from a PC running Windows 7 Home and using Microsoft Security Essentials.




My environment:




Firepass version 6.1 (only HF installed beyond OPSWAT is HF-133285-1 )


Latest OPSWAT ( HF-352109-1 dated 20110225 )




I've reviewed the OPSWAT compatibility chart and I see Avast version 6 is not listed. I was hoping that support for v5 might also detect the newer version. Maybe not!




Can anyone who's been running the AV checker speak to how up-to-date it is regarding AV versions?


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  • Opswat is the only way to update the code. The best way is to create a support ticket or download opswat av check using their own software.
  • Bah! I'm unable to edit on the iPad. Anyways I mean opswats validation checker at Then create a support ticket.
  • Create a support ticket with F5 I presume. The Opswat checker (amioesisok) does detect Avast 6 while the current opswat from F5 does not.