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Jan 28, 2012

Wildcard Virtual server not catching traffic from VIP's that were disabled

I have a wildcard virtual server setup as a fall back so when I disable a virtual server it will just direct the customer to a spash screen that says site is currently being updated please come back later. so...



It works perfect if I hit an IP that is not used....



But when I disable a working virtual server to force the customer through the its not working...I have disable the virtual server ...the virtual address...and also unchecked the arp button but its still not working.



Anyone have a clue as to why the....



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  • is this relevant?



    sol8009: Change in Behavior: The bigpipe db TM.ContinueMatching variable is now set to false

  • There is also a setting (in http profile if Im not mistaken) to redirect clients if no pool-members are available. But in this case the vserver must be enabled (but no available pool members, either by monitor reporting or by manually disable pool members).