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Oct 23, 2020

Wildcard URL with "dot" allowed confused with a file type

Hello evryone


I configuered a wildcard URL (/x/y/*) in my ASM policy with the "." as an allowed meta character, but all the requests /x/y/1245.452 for example are blocked by violation illegal file type, does anyone know how to fix this issue ?


Thanks in advance

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  • There's really only two solutions:

    (1) Accept the filetype and do nothing

    (2) create a wildcard file type which will accept all non-explicit filetypes including no_ext.

      no_ext filetypes are those urls with no periods that works in conjunction with wildcards

      Note that the burden of enforcement will shift to url matching.

      violation will not be a bad filetype, but rather an unknown url


    There is a feature request to prevent this behavior but it hasn't been added to any F5 software yet ID400017.