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Jun 29, 2011

Wildcard forwarding for direct node traffic with PBR

Hi All,



Apologies if this question has been asked before; I've waded my way through a lot of forum posts but haven't seen the problem I'm facing - feel free to prove otherwise.



I am currently have a HA LTM pair with a single trunked interface (eight trunk members aggregated using LACP and with VLANs trunked on the connected switch). Policy based routing is used on the node VLANs to route matching traffic back to the F5 self IP interface for that VLAN. The default gateway on the nodes is not set to the F5 and all other traffic not matched by PBR uses the default gateway.



Everything works fine, however it is occasionally necessary to connect directly to a service on a node rather than the virtual server. In this case, return traffic is still being routed by PBR to the F5's. I have created a forwarding wildcard virtual server on and all ports (with loose connection initiation, etc.), but am still not seeing the traffic being forwarded.



I am seeing the "in" traffic in the virtual server statistics and can match it to individual requests, but I am not seeing "out" traffic be incremented. Before I spend hours poring over packet dumps, can anyone suggest what the problem is likely to be? Is it possible that the F5 is not able to route the traffic, and if so where would I see evidence of this (if anywhere)?





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