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Dec 08, 2014

Why do I have to specify "SMB/CIFS Server" in SMB health monitor?

I am creating a new SMB health monitor in BigIP LTM 11.4.1 HF1. One of the required fields is "SMB/CIFS Server". This document...


..says this:


"SMB/CIFS Server - Specifies the NetBIOS server name of the SMB/CIFS server for which the monitor checks for availability. You must specify a server for this monitor to function."


Does this not completely defeat the point of using a load balancer in the first place? If the monitor relies on a single server to be valid, then this is a gigantic single point of failure.


Should the "SMB/CIFS Server" field not be the same as the pool members that the monitor is checking the health of? How can the health of a pool be tied to a single server? What's the point?


Clearly I am totally missing something here. Please help me learn.




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  • Probably has something to do with needing the netbios name, which is not necessarily part of the pool. I can't disagree though that it seems counter to what a pool monitor should do. Maybe setup one for each member and apply it as a node monitor instead of a pool monitor.


  • That is a great suggestion, however some of my monitors were not valid for nodes. Many monitors did not appear in the drop-down list in the GUI, and the CLI gave me this error when trying to add my SMB node-specific monitor to a node:

    01070588:7: The requested monitor rule (/Common/AgfaCVwebSMB_VMWEBHLHHE1) can only be applied to pool members.

    Googling the 01070588:7 error turns up this post:

    This lead me to discover that the "Alias Address" field of the node has to be populated with something other than the wildcard (and probably the port number field too.) I set those in the monitor and now it appears as a valid monitor for a node.

    I am continuing to test.

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      Did you ever get this to work? I am in a similar situation; I don't see how specifying the SMB name for a single server makes this a useful monitor.