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May 16, 2011

Where to place .pfx files to import them through iControl



I am having trouble importing .pfx SSL related files through iControl. The files import file through the GUI, but we are trying to do this through C code now. I am not sure which directory the .pfx file should by placed on (via SFTP) to the F5 units.



When I use the method "pkcs12_import_from_file" I receive the error below:



iControlInterfaces.ManagementKeyCertificate.pkcs12_import_from_file(iControl.ManagementKeyCertificateManagementModeType.MANAGEMENT_MODE_DEFAULT, certificateIds, certificateFileNames, certificatePasswords, true);



Exception: Common::OperationFailed


primary_error_code : -7 (0xFFFFFFF9)


secondary_error_code : 0


error_string : error:0906D06C:PEM routines:PEM_read_bio:no start line



When I try and use certificate import from file I get a no such file or directory error, but I am not sure which directory to place the file(s) in.



iControlInterfaces.ManagementKeyCertificate.certificate_import_from_file(iControl.ManagementKeyCertificateManagementModeType.MANAGEMENT_MODE_DEFAULT, certificateIds, certificateFileNames, true);



Exception: Common::OperationFailed


primary_error_code : 2 (0x00000002)


secondary_error_code : 0


error_string : No such file or directory


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  • Nevermind, I found the issue I needed to reverse the path directions from \ to /.
  • So did you have to first SFTP the .pfx file before calling iControlInterfaces.ManagementKeyCertificate.pkcs12_import_from_file API? If you had to then, in which directory did you put the .pfx file?