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Dec 06, 2010

Where shoud I start to learn more about the F5?




I'm new to the F5 world, we've had them in our company for around 6 months. I'd love to start learning more but not sure where to start. I've set up the easy stuff such virtual servers, pools, monitors, etc for load balancing requests to our website servers.


I feel it could offer so much more than we use it for but I need to start learning to gain the knowledge so I can recommend improvements. In the past I've concentrated on routing and switching and haven't really had to learn how applications operate.



Any advice very much appreciated.








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  • Hi Darren,



    There is a wealth of information available on LTM and the other BIG-IP modules. You could start by downloading the LTM 10.1 virtual edition trial ( and go through the free online training at There are local user groups in a lot of regions as well. You can check the forum's user group section to see if there's one in your area.