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Nov 13, 2003

What is 'The percentage of CPU running in ANIP mode.'

Which seems to be the only CPU based statistic available? (as well as the max of that form off course).

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  • I had to look this one up as I personally don't have an ANIP enabled device to work with. Here's some relevant information on ANIP.



    ANIP (Auxillary Network Interface Processor) mode is a mode in which a percentage of CPU utilization is dedicated to network interface processing.



    The first metric (GLOBAL_STATISTIC_ANIP_PERCENT) represents the percentage of time that an ANIP is doing useful work.



    The second metric (GLOBAL_STATISTIC_MAX_ANIP_PERCENT) represents the high-water mark of the percentage of time an ANIP is doing useful work.



    According to the documentation, BIG-IP has 3 overall processing modes that are mutually exclusive.



    UP - UniProcessor


    SMP - Symmetric Multiprocessor


    ANIP - Auxillary Network Interface Processor



    Single Processor System:


    UP - Default


    SMP - Not applicable


    ANIP - Not applicable



    Two Processor System:


    UP - Happens temporarily at bootup only until transition to SMP or ANIP mode is complete. Not otherwise supported.


    SMP - Default if no network interfaces are ANIP-enabled. Optionally configurable by ANIP-disabling all ANIP-capable network interfaces prior to boot.


    ANIP - Default if any network interface is ANIP-enabled



    This is all the info I have on ANIP mode. If you need more information feel free to contact F5 Technical Support



    F5 Technical Support




    Phone: 206-272-6888







  • As a follow-up, some of the stuff in the API simply exposes data that


    can be had through the F5 interface.



    I'm happy to ask the support folks, but it's not always clear to me how


    the data exposed in the API maps to the interface or bigpipe command


    set, which is what the support folks are most familiar with.



    How do I get this mapping, so I can ask the right questions?
  • We took a lot of time trying to make the SDK be as intuitive as possible with relation to the web interface. Currently there is no official mapping of iControl methods to the web interfaces or bigpipe commands as we have honestly never seen a need. I'd be very interested in learning what you find (specifically) as not being clear about where the API relates to the other user interfaces. We can use that information to enhance the SDK documentation in the future.



  • As a follow-up, we spoke to our technical rep recently, who took


    some of my questions back to be pondered by F5. It's not terribly clear


    to me what all stats that the F5 keeps mean, and how I can use them for


    capacity planning.



    Not really an api question at this point.



    Thanks, Michel