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Aug 13, 2016

What is the order of module processing when using several F5 modules?

Just to have some more insight into this topic I would like to know what is the flow on how exactly F5 processes the traffic when having multiple modules activated on a virtual server or LTM policy. For example the LTM, AFM and ASM modules.


I guess LTM comes first because there has to be a listener that proceses the traffic, then I guess it will use the AFM to block unwanted traffic and finally process it with ASM?


Please share your comments or references, because I could not find infomration about this topic.






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  • It depends on the modules, but to address the three you asked about:


    • The packet is first evaluated by the packet filter
    • Next it is evaluated by AFM. Keep in mind that AFM has it's own order of operations and will work down that as well:
    • global,
    • route domain,
    • virtual server,
    • and self IP.
    • LTM comes next.
    • ASM processes the traffic after LTM, then hands the traffic back to LTM to finish up with. ASM sits off to the side and either tells LTM to proceed or hands out a block page.
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    What is criteria of Encryption/Decryption of Traffic? 1. When it comes from internet to Web-server? 2. When it goes back to Web-server to Internet user?