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Feb 16, 2022

What is analysis plane. what are the reasons behind High CPU of Analysis plane?

Anyone please share any article or some detail what is this Analysis plane on F5, what process are running on Analysis plane. What this plane do or what are the possible reasons that cause high cpu utlization on F5. I have running both ASM on my box.

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  • Do you perhaps mean AVR (Application Visibility and Reporting)?  If not, can you share by what method you are seeing the high CPU utilization?

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      We have a BIG-IP 7255 vCMP Guest. I normally used to see from Dashboard, using Top command output where last CPU is used as Analysis plane. there are 6 Cores which are allocated to my vCMP GUEST and i read from some articles that even used for Data(TMM) and Odd for control plane and last odd for analysis plane.

      Graphs are attached for reference.

      From Performance report and Detailed Performance graph of CPU

  • Hi,

    you can find more information about CPU in this article:

    If you are monitoring the CPU by SNMP, just monitor the even CPU, the Odd CPU is used for monitoring tasks and reporting, and if you have ASM enabled and it is in learning mode, it going to cause an increase in the CPUs Odd, use but you don´t need to worry about that, it doesn´t cause an outage of the traffic or restart of the device, I opened a support case before and is a common behabior.