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Jan 11, 2018

Webtop to BigIP mgmt console being denied after update to 12.1.3

Running on 12.1.2 (HA) a full webtop portal access for management tools. I've got my BigIP management consoles on the Webtop. Opening BigIP mgmt console when both units are at 12.1.2, all is well. I upgraded one unit of the HA pair to 12.1.3, now I get this:


* 1.2 webtop (Active), going to 12.1.3 works fine


* 1.3 webtop (Active), going to 12.1.2 works fine


* 1.3 webtop (Active), going to 12.1.3 fails with


"You do not have permission to access this page. Access was denied by an access control list. "


Checking session data in the APM shows a Kerberos error that access to [unitID] "rejected because it points to a reserved address."



Anyone seen this yet?