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Aug 02, 2022

web page won't load all parameters after proxying

I'm currently experiencing mixed results with proxying HTTP request to a web server. 

We've configured F5 to secure over HTTPS the connections to a web application that manages security cameras. SSL offloading is fine, but when we proxy the connections through BIG-IP we start seeing HTTP request frequently failing to the web server.

I think the issue is that not all requests are being handled as expected, since most of the time the page only loads partially (missing elements), and it takes 2-3 refreshes to see all elements including live stream from the security cam. 

I've also noticed that sometimes Firefox browser will return a "bad credentials" message on the webserver login page, but if I hit "login" button again without changing the password I typed it logs me in. 

Browsing directly the real server webpage (bypassing F5) would work just fine with any browser.

I'm failing to see where the problem might be, I believe it might be something related to session management since client seem to send multiple HTTP requests to load the several elements of the web page, and results are very often different (I would randomly see any combination of web page elements -- sometimes it would load element A and B, sometimes it would load B and C, sometimes it would only load D, sometimes it loads everything and it's working, etc. ) . 


- only one server in pool

- sNAT is performed on a NAT pool with 8 IPs shared with other VS

- SSL offloading,  but I don't think problem lies here

- HTTP profile is default on both clientside and serverside

- TCP profile is default WAN-optimized on client side and default LAN-optimized on server side

- BIG-IP 16.1 


Any comment/advice is greatly appreciated