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Aug 25, 2023

VS and IP resolve(VS) are in 1 BOX

hi everyone

I have a problem where I have a VS which can be called VS_A with a pool member FQDN where, the pool member resolves to 192.168.x.x where the ip is VS which can be called VS_B the second VS is in 1 BOX when we access it by traffic it failed and there is no output in the statistics, does anyone know about my problem, here I have made Irules which redirects the client when accessing VS_A it will redirect to VS_B and succeeds but when it is accessed long enough for the application to appear in my web browser, does anyone know my solution to my problem above


Is it because the VS that is counted from the client can be the same as the IP Resolve in the form of VS in 1 BOX F5?


Thank You

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  • Hi Margvin ,

    it's a little bit strange , you need f5 bigip receive traffic on VS_A and forward it to another VS_B on the same box by creating VS_B as a pool attached to VS_A configs. 

    this is can be done only using redirect like you said. 
    this can't follow the correct traffic flow handling by bigip ( Client >> VS >> Pool_Member ). 

    if I missunderstood you , please clarify more even by drawings. 

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      That's right, I've created a redirect to VS B using Irules, but when accessed via a web browser, the application takes a very long time to open, I have to wait for 10 to 15 minutes for the application to open, is there a solution for this access?



      Thanks you

      • So you need to take Packet capture in F5 bigip and see from where the latency come ( Bigip side or client side )? 
        by using redirection. 
        10 mins or 15 mins even 1 minute unacceptable. 

        Try to do that redirection using Local traffic policy not iRule and observe the performance