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Feb 17, 2009

VPN client package shows "already exists" error

I'm using the VPN client to connect to a Firepass 6.0.3 and when I log in and the client is setting up the connection it shows an error message "Already exists" and then logs in successfully. Looking in the log file I see:

 (APPCTRL:1052,1104)  CAppTunnelEx:: OpenByParam(VPN,Full Access) already opened    
 (Standalone:1052,1104)  CMainFrame::MessageBox: Already exists  

The resource group in question is configured to auto launch based on endpoint protection and use an alternate webtop. The thinking there is that when users connect via a web interface, the network tunnel opens and the window shows their connected status - so the login experience is relatively consistent whether using a browser or the client application to connect.

It seems like the autolaunch feature is called again by the VPN client and this is causing the error (more like a notification) I'm seeing. Is there a way to prevent this error from appearing while still using the auto-launch option for users connecting directly via browser?
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