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Aug 16, 2023

Vpn Always connected mode


We have the Big-ip edge client with the Always Connected mode and I would like to know if it's possible to add some exlcusion to allow explicit IP destination to do not pass througt the VPN SSL ? I know it's possible to add exclusion list but this one is only valable when the big-ip edge client isn't already connected and is in block mode right ? 

Is it possible in full tunneling or only on split ? 




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      Hello  Paulius

      Thank you for your reply 🙂 

      Can I configure my Big-IP edge client on Always Connected Mode and use Split tunneling ? Can I configure an Wildcard on the Network acces so all traffic would go thought the VPN SSL and Exclude some IPv4 to pass thougt the local user gateway ?

      If yes, this kind of configuration still "best practice" ou it's " bricolage" ?


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        Miguel_1400 Sadly I'm not familiar enough to know if Always Connected Mode allows for split tunneling but I would imagine it does because it's only how you define traffic that makes it go through a specific path be it a VPN or anything else that's routed. As for a wildcard for include and then choose to exclude wont work because I believe the F5 is configured an include only. Now you can tunnel all and then exclude specific DNS names but that's about it for a combination of include and exclude I believe.

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