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Nov 17, 2010

VMware F5 Management Plug-In

Hello All, This is my first post to DevCentral... nice to be here.



I have been working with the VMware F5 Management Plug-In creating various manage rules for pool memberships and I am noticing some oddness.



1.) After creating a rule with a regular expression that matches the hosts, I do not see hosts that are already members of the pool. I kind of expect this, but those hosts do not get the "Graceful Shutdown" options. Do I have to remove them from the pool then use the plug-in to add them back in?



2.) After creating a rule and adding members to a pool with the plug-in, the changes are made to the first F5 listed (in my case it happened to be the standby and was verified). I am not seeing the sync to peer happening, can I turn up any logging to determine whats going on? Is the sync to peer scheduled every so often? My F5s are running 9.4.7.