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Aug 12, 2022

Virtual Server with two sites but same IP

Starting off I'll say this got dumped on me and apart from the past couple of days, I have never worked on this before. Second, if I get some stuff wrong while trying to explain it, I promise it is ...
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    Aug 16, 2022

    Hi yxorpesrever ,

    Below is the ref LTM policy which will be useful for your use case. You need to add another rule under same policy for other domain. Likewise you can add multiple rules to forward traffic to the desired pools based on matching the hosts under same LTM policy. Once policy is ready, you need to map it on the desired vServer.

    (I found one video on youtube which is having same senario explained using iRule. Just in case you need some more references to acheive it. Refer this youtube video if needed.)

    For the SSL certificate query - If you have * wild card cert being used on the vServer then for the rest sites coming under * domain should be fine with it. (, etc). If you have sites which is having different domains or you have cert for specific FQDN only, then you need to make sure to have specific SSL certificates for the specific domain and/or FQDN to be used on the vServer else you will get cert mismatch error. In this senario, your vServer will have multiple client-ssl profiles on the vServer and one of the client-ssl profile will act as default/fallback client-ssl profile. Please refer this article for more details on it.


    One query - As you are saying you have same internal/backend servers for both sites, so are they running on different ports or services?