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Nov 29, 2013

Virtual Server creation through iControl Java API fails silently due to missing profiles

I'm using iControl Java API to create a virtual server. The code is as follows:


final LocalLBVirtualServerBindingStub virtualServerStub = (LocalLBVirtualServerBindingStub) new LocalLBVirtualServerLocator().getLocalLBVirtualServerPort(foobarURL);
            final CommonProtocolType vserverProtocolType = CommonProtocolType.fromString(protocol);
            final CommonVirtualServerDefinition[] vserverDefinition = new CommonVirtualServerDefinition[]{new CommonVirtualServerDefinition(name, ip, port, vserverProtocolType)};
            final LocalLBVirtualServerVirtualServerResource[] resource = new LocalLBVirtualServerVirtualServerResource[]{new LocalLBVirtualServerVirtualServerResource(LocalLBVirtualServerVirtualServerType.RESOURCE_TYPE_POOL, loadBalancerPoolName)};

            virtualServerStub.create(vserverDefinition, new String[]{netmask}, resource, new LocalLBVirtualServerVirtualServerProfile[0][0]);

Now this call just "passes" although no virtual server is really created (I checked through the admin UI). There are no exceptions or even any other relevant logging. After various trial and error tests, I realized that the problem was that the code was passing no "profiles" for the virtual server creation:


virtualServerStub.create(vserverDefinition, new String[]{netmask}, resource, new LocalLBVirtualServerVirtualServerProfile[0][0]);             

The questions I have are:


1) Why isn't the API throwing an exception if profiles is mandatory 2) Is there an API I can use to fetch the list of available profiles for a particular "protocol" and any available "default profile" for that protocol? The reason why I would like to have something like this is, because for a user who is using this code, it won't be feasible to send in some random profile name strings that perhaps won't apply to a particular "protocol" of the virtual server or even the "service type" of the virtual server.


P.S: I stumbled upon a similar thread here which shows sample code to create the virtual server and in there it hard codes certain profile names which is exactly what I'm trying to avoid.


Environment details:


iControl Java (assembly) API version: 11.4.1 (the latest that was available here


BigIP version: 10.1 Virtual edition trial version available from here


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