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Feb 08, 2023

Virtual Server Confiuration enhancement

Dear all,

We have the attached setup that is currently having some performance issues at the DB and the nodes servers, where the request is taking more than the expected time to be processed, and so connection time out is happening on the client side.

We are using standard virtual server with a pool includes two nodes (two web servers "tomcat")

we are working on the performance issue, but i would like to ask if anything can be done at the load balancer itself to improve the situation, and minimize the impact of the issue especially that it appears in the peak hours mainly when we have batches of requests coming from the client side concurrently.

Your fast response is highy appreciated.


Thank you,


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  • Without knowing the root cause of the problem, I can only suggest some options that help improve the overall performance of your apps :

    • SSL offloading: offload the server from the burden of ssl processing
    • Compression profile: offload the server from the compression processing. 
    • Web acceleration (caching): helps increasing the response time, and also reduce the requests going to the backend servers
    • Oneconnect: helps reducing the TCP sessions opened with the servers by reusing existing connections for multiple requests.

    If this is an exposed server, you may also consider enabling the ASM module to prevent ddos attacks or malicious bots traffic.

    Other things may help like manually defining the maximum connections a virtual server or a pool member can handle, but this needs more understanding of the application and servers capacity