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Apr 04, 2012

VIP issue




Inherited an issue where the F5 is arping for a VIP which has been configured and available.


Bit of a strange one... see attached image.




The Client sits in VLAN 2 and is trying to access a VIP in VLAN 1. The VIP in VLAN 1 load balances to a pool of servers which sit in VLAN 2. The VIP is active with all available members. There is a network VIP configured to allow access from VLAN2 to VLAN1.




However when I initiate a ping to the VIP, it fails. TCPdumps from the CLI shows the F5 arping for the VIP address... If the client is in the same VLAN as the VIP, then it works fine.




I know the setup is a bit weird, but can anyone explain why this doesn't work? And why the F5 is arping?










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