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May 26, 2022

uwebbrowserparser.cpp, UWebBrowserParser::DocumentComplete


We are having an issue with our F5 Edge Client that produces a popup each time from Microsoft to authenticate (pick a user). These machines are hybrid joined to Azure and nothing is triggering an Azure conditional access policy to force it to reauthenticate.

What we have noticed is that if we sign in to the F5 via the MS Edge web browser (in Compatibility mode), sign out, and then use the F5 Edge client to sign back in again, we are not prompted to authenticate (this is the desired state).

When I look at the logs on the F5 Edge Client I see an entry for APPCTRL uwebbrowserparser.cpp, UWebBrowserParser::DocumentComplete that appears to do the rendering of the Authentication webpage.

Assuming this is doing the browsing/rendering of the authentication webpage, my question is, how is this able to pass my credentials automatically if I login via the webbrowser prior to, but not if I reboot, restart the F5 Edge application, or disconnect/reconnect?

Any help or guidance would be appreciated. Thanks very much.

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