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Apr 17, 2014

Using tmsh commands in tcl script not working

I have been messing around with some tcl stuff. I want to change the order of vips in a pool on the GTM. How would I inject this command into the tcl script ?


Here is the cmd I want to use ultimately - tmsh::modify /gtm pool poolname members modify { :https { order 1 }}


Here the test bed script that I put together:


modify script flip.tcl {


proc script::run {} {


tmsh::modify /gtm pool poolmen members modify { :https { order 1 }}




Its saves without error but I executed I get this error:


flip.tcl: script failed to complete: can't eval proc: "script::run" members: required brace is missing "{" while executing "tmsh::modify /gtm pool sdx-pq1-pool members modify { { order 1 }}" (procedure "script::run" line 3) invoked from within "script::run" line:1 script did not successfully complete, status:1


any help will be great! thanks


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    some guy tell me : Try using backslash to escape each curly brace like this: proc script::run {} { tmsh::modify /gtm pool app1-pool members modify \{ Just_a_web_server:Just_a_webserver \{ order 2 \}\} I test. It works!