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Sep 12, 2011

Using GTM as master with no DNS server

We are deploying a couple GTMs to act as the authoritative public DNS servers for a new domain. We aren't interested in doing any geographic load-balancing at this point, just hosting a few static A-records. The GTMs don't seem to want to do this (or I'm too unfamiliar with the interface to figure out how).



Could someone give me a hint as to how to set up a new domain and then add a couple A-records to it directly. Everything on F5s site talks about doing a zone-transfer from an existing DNS server, which we don't have.



I'm pretty familiar with DNS/BIND, but not at all with F5-GTMs.








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  • Hey Derek did you look into zonerunner?





  • Can any one explain me what is the use of Master server while creating Zone. And if I have two different zone on GTM with two different NS record for both zone, so I want that when ever I do DNS watch for NS for any of the zone (domain) its should resolve with both Ns.


  • A master zone within ZoneRunner is essentially going to be an authoritative zone for the device. Any queries directed to the GTM for a record in that zone will be answered by the GTM. You'll want a setup like this:


    The parent provider zone (for example, will have NS records configured for your zone (for example, pointing to your two GTM appliances via hostname ( and You'll configure A records within your master zone ( for and, corresponding to the public facing listeners on your GTMs.


    So when a DNS server queries the parent zone at and requests an NS record for, the parent will hand back NS records of and Then DNS servers will query your GTMs since these NS records correspond to your GTMs.


    I hope this makes sense and I didn't ramble too much.


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      Cory I will make it more clear for you what is my requirement. Take an E.g I have a zone created on my GTM i.e, within the same zone I have created the NS record i.e and I have added A record for the Same NS which is Self IP of GTM within the same Zone. Now I have created one more Zone say , now within zone I have created different NS record i.e and added A record within the zone which is Self IP of Another GTM. Now my concern is when I do DNS watch for record NS for it should show me both NS record i.e NS record of and NS record of I have inform my domain registrar to add NS record for for NS. Action plan from my side- I tried creating NS record ( in zone however it not allowing me to do it.
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      One more thing I missed out, when I do DNS watch of NS record for it get resolved by both NS but the output which DNS watch gives out , over there I cannot see.
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      I think within your zone, you need to create your NS record as, and have your domain registrar configure delegation as such. Creating within your zone isn't going to work.