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Jun 10, 2021

User agent mobile app and mobile browser

I have a requirement to block a mobile application which is having some issues at present (may take sometime to fix) .But the same time, the portal should be accessible from mobile browsers (chrome,mozilla,safari etc) . Below irule was applied but it blocked access for mobile browsers too.



 if { [class match [string tolower [HTTP::header "User-Agent"]] contains Mobileapp_Useragent ] } {



 } }


Mobileapp_Useragent data group contains the below







Thoughts ?

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  • Mobile user agents and all mobile browser user agents would have these strings in common. Is there any unique identifier for your mobile application (e.g./v1.0 OurApp)? You may need to check if there is any unique identifier for your mobile applicaiton and based on that modify the iRule.

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      Also, noticed that you are using 2 actions drop and reject in the iRule. Please use only one of it and use return in the end.