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Feb 09, 2023

Use the REST proxy on the BIG-IQ system ERROR


I'm working in a local environment trying to use the REST proxy on the BIG-IQ system with the objective of acquire certain info of a BIG-IP. 

Once I've obtained the BIG-IQ token, discovered the BIG-IP device, enabled the REST-PROXY feature and obtained the BIG-IP uuid (4ad12733-95ea-47b0-a562-dd6ac6da5adc), which basically consists on following the steps found on that website Enabling BIG-IQ Centralized Management as a REST proxy for BIG-IP devices (; it is time to confirm that the BIGIP has been discovered and included into the BIGIP devices group with the code below.


headers = {
'X-F5-Auth-Token': f'{token}'

# Request to confirm that the BIGIP was discovered and is included in the cm-bigip-allDevices group
url_id = ""
response_id = requests.get(url_id, auth=HTTPBasicAuth('admin', 'psw'), headers=headers, verify=False)

The problem is that when I execute that, there is an output variable that states that "state": "PENDING", when that should be  "state": "ACTIVE".  Why? Do I left something? Am I doing something wrong?


Thanks in advance

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    Feb 13, 2023

    Finally I solved it. It was just necessary to PATCH the BIGIP through the BIGIQ by changing the state manually, as follows.

    data = {
    'state': 'ACTIVE'
    url = "https://" + ip + "/mgmt/shared/resolver/device-groups/cm-bigip-allBigIpDevices/devices/4ad12733-95ea-47b0-a562-dd6ac6da5adc"
    response = requests.patch(url, auth=HTTPBasicAuth('admin', 'psw'), json=data, verify=False)

     Thanks for everything!

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      I'm working with virtual editions of both (BIG-IQ and BIG-IP) at the moment, and the BIG-IQ Web UI is always stucked in that message "Waiting for BIG-IQ services to become available...". Then I'm working via the tmsh, and also python requests.

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        Got you. I'd recommend solving the waiting for services message, you could try restarting the system, but opening a case with F5 about it is probably the best option. I would not trust the results of the API if the webUI is not functioning.